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Installation of Anti-Virus Software on Your PC

Recently, incidents such as information leakage caused by malware infection has been occurring.
If you own a PC, you must have anti-virus software installed.
In our university, we distribute a brochure “Safe and Secure Use of the Information Systems”. We also distribute anti-virus software available for your PC. Please refer the pages below.

* Safe and Secure Use of the Information Systems

* Trend Micro Antivirus Software Site License Offer


Attention on use of Dropbox etc. on the Zengaku Computer System

Users can install and use online storage client software such as Dropbox. It is useful, but there are some points that you should be careful. Please use it at your own risk.

  1. Be careful for the capacity difference between the online storage and your home area of the Zengaku Computer System. When data on online storage are synchronized with your home area of the Zengaku Computer System, the usage may reach the upper limit without noticing it, and causes trouble such as losing your files.
  2. For the reason described above, we recommend that you do not use it synchronously on the Zengaku Computer System but only upload and download through a browser. If you want to synchronize, please set the online storage client software carefully so that there is no problem. Especially make sure of folders to be synchronized.
  3. ACCC will not deal with troubles related to online storage client software installed individually. Please use it at your own risk.

On Measure against Account Abuse

Recently, yet more news articles report damage caused by phishing or account hijack. In fact, also here in our university, we receive reports about such damage caused by account abuse. We’d like our users to be very careful about managing accounts.

We, ACCC staff, are monitoring traffic to detect abnormal activity such as unusual number of outgoing mail transmission from hijacked account. Although we don’t monitor contents of messages, we do log source IP address and sender mail address for each mail message and use them to figure out problems.

As an emergency action against incidents such as supposedly abnormal transmission of mail messages, we may temporally lock user’s account without notifying the owner of the account. Under such circumstances, we will interview the user for more information.

We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.