Zengaku Computer System

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FacilityTrouble ContentContact Address
(Log-in)Which user ID to use?Please refer to Login Credentials. 
I forgot my password.Please refer to Changing/Resetting Your Password. 
TerminalsI want to recover files deleted by mistake.Please refer to Recovery of Deleted Data.
Terminal seems to be broken.Academic Computing & Communications Center
On-demand Terminals, PrintersIt does not react even if I touch the screen.
Error message is still displayed.
Paper jam (I cannot deal with myself. / There are paper strips that cannot be caught.)
I exceeded / am about to exceed yearly print quota.Please refer to Print Management
A lot of output was done due to misoperation etc. Is it counted?
Printer toner / paper ran out.Each satellite computer room deals with.
Please refer to the contact information posted in the room.
OthersAcademic Computing & Communications Center

Using Microsoft 365

Your address to sign inCONTACT ADDRESS
@u address (in school)Academic Computing & Communications Center
@s addressAcademic Computing & Communications Center
Alumni @u addressOffice of Business and Stakeholder Relations


SecurityInquiry typeContact Address
(log-in)I am likely to be victimized by phishing on the Zengaku Computer Systememail system( or Computing & Communications Center
It looks like someone used my account without my knowing it.Academic Computing & Communications Center

Outside the Zengaku Computer System (TULIPS, TWINS, manaba, GWO/@un Mail, Unified Authentication System, etc.)

SystemDepartment in chargeContact Address
TULIPSDigital Library Section, Central Libraryvoice(at)
TWINSDivision of Educational Planning and Administration‚ Department of Educational Promotionqa.twins(at)
Office of Educational Cloud, Academic Computing & Communications Centersupport-manaba(at)
GWO/@un MailDivision of Information Infrastructure Management
Network systems operated by ACCCACCC Network Division
Unified Authentication SystemACCC Unified Authentication System Division
General Foundation Subjects ”Information Literacy”General Foundation Subjects ”Information Literacy” Management Office