Publishing Web Content

Application for publishing Web content

To publish your www directory on the Web, please apply from the “Applicant for web service” menu of the User System. Unless you apply, you cannot use the www and wwws directories described below.

Uploading Web contents

On a terminal of the Zengaku Computer System or by remote access, put the contents (HTML files, etc.) which you want to publish in the www directory under your home directory.

For example, if you put an HTML file named aaa.html in the www directory, then the file is published as a Web page whose URL is


(If you want to publish a Web page whose URL starts with https://, put the contents in the wwws directory.)

* Note: Once files are placed in the www or wwws directory, those files will be released to the whole world and can be viewed by anyone (except for access restricted parts). Please only put files that you certainly want to publish.

For easy access restriction please make a directory named local_only somewhere in www or wwws. Content placed in local_only directory can be viewed only from terminals of the Zengaku Computer System (including remote desktop).


Even if it is not directly under www or wwws, access will be restricted in any hierarchy as long as it is a directory named local_only.

For the specific location of the www directory, please refer to the following.

The www folder seen from Windows

Launch the explorer, select “This PC” (or “PC”) in the left menu, and open the W: drive in the “Network locations (ネットワークの場所)”.
W: Drive

Then you will find the www folder in the W: drive.

The www directory seen from Linux

The www directory will be located in your home directory. The path is /home/Username/www (however, this is a symbolic link, in fact it is /www/Username/www).

By remote access

Please refer to this page for details of remote access.

  • When connecting to Windows Desktop or Linux Desktop, it is the same as above.
  • To have SFTP access (port 22), connect to
    If you are from off-campus, you need to use VPN Service or log in with public-key authentication. The www directory will be located in your home directory. The path is /home/Username/www (however, this is a symbolic link, in fact it is /www/Username/www).
  • FTP access (port 21) is not accepted.

Using CGI

For details on how to use CGI please refer to this page.

Confirming log data of Web and CGI server

To check the Web server and CGI server access log and error log, please follow the User System.