Recovery of Deleted Data

Below you can find instructions on how to recover data you have deleted by mistake.


Launch the Explorer and select “This PC” (or “PC”) in the left menu. Then you will find the user home (Z: drive) in the “Network locations (ネットワークの場所)”. Right-click on the user home (Z: drive) and select [Properties (プロパティ)].
Right-click on Z: drive

Click on the [Previous Versions (以前のバージョン)] tab and select the day/time you wish to revert to.
previous versions

The folder corresponding to the chosen date/time will open; please copy the files you need.


If you type the command ls ~/.snapshot you will be able to see a list of directories that look like in the following: 2hour_home.year-month-day_hour…
Linux snapshot

The files can be found in the directory named according to the date/time. Copy the needed files from inside the appropriate directory into your home directory.