Confirming mailbox usage / How to move your email data to another location

Confirming mailbox usage

The upper limit of mailbox usage differs between @u address and @s address. Please occasionally check the usage, delete unnecessary emails, backup the necessary emails before deleting, etc. Please be careful to fit within the capacity limit. In addition, if you keep track of your usage, the possibility of being cheated by a fraudulent email will also decrease.

How to move your email data to another location

There are several ways to move your necessary emails to another location. Here are some examples, so please do it in a way that suits you.

* If you are going to back up emails using email software which you do not normally use, please check the settings carefully, such as, whether it is set to delete old mail automatically.

Exporting from Active! mail

In the case of emails with @u address, there is a method of exporting mbox file from Active! mail. For details please refer this page.

Moving to a local folder of an email client

There is a method of retrieving emails by IMAP or POP with email software such as Outlook or Thunderbird, and moving the emails to a local folder (or a folder of another email account) of the email software. Here we will show how to do with Thunderbird (IMAP access) as an example.

  1. First, you need to create a new folder under “Local Folders”. Right-click “Local Folders” and select “New Folder” from the pulldown menu.

    Creating New Folder with Thunderbird

  2. Enter an arbitrary name, and a new folder will be created.
    Drag and drop the desired message in the Inbox to the new folder.
    Make sure that the message is moved to the new folder. (In the same way, you can also put it back.)
    When the message is deleted from the Inbox, the amount of your mailbox usage will decrease as much.
  3. If you created a folder under the Inbox, you can also copy (drop) the whole folder under the “Local Folders”. After making sure that the original messages are copied in the new folder, if you delete the original folder, the amount of your mailbox usage will decrease as much.