Satellite Computer Rooms

To prevent coronavirus infection, terminals and printers are available in some satellite terminal rooms of the Zengaku Computer System.
Details are as shown in the following web page, and will be updated as needed.

About the opening status of satellites

Eating, drinking, and smoking are prohibited in satellite rooms.

Please refer to this FAQ for information on using optical drives.

Please refer to this FAQ for information on using scanners.

Satellites with * in the number of terminals have one accessibility terminal.

AreaName of SatelliteName of RoomTPSOpening HoursCorresponding Educational Organization
Central Area2D Satellite2D20120124 hoursCollege of Japanese Language and Culture,
Biological Sciences,
Agro-Biological Resource Sciences
2A Satellite2A302281107:00-21:00 (WD)
07:00-19:00 (WE&PH)
College of Comparative Culture,
Disability Sciences
Bunsyu Satellite8B2012811ClosedDegree Programs in Comprehensive Human Sciences
Master’s Program in Education
3K Satellite3K203401124 hoursCollege of International Studies
3D Satellite3D207461124 hoursCollege of Engineering Sciences
Shako Satellite3C102501124 hoursCollege of Policy and Planning Sciences
Central Library Satellite2F Comm. Room2308:30-24:00 (WD)
10:00-20:00 (WE&PH)
During Long Vacation:
09:00-17:00 (WD)
For more details,
see the library website
2F Reading Room66* 4
3F Reading Room6
4F Reading Room6
5F Reading Room6
1C Satellite1C206431108:00-21:00 (WD)College of Humanities,
College of Social Sciences
1D Satellite1D301811108:00-22:00College of Geoscience,
South AreaACCC SatelliteA20353108:30-18:00 (WD)School of Health and Physical Education,
Art and Design
Outside the room 2
Art and Physical Education Library SatelliteAudio-Visual Room41* 2
08:30-22:00 (WD)
10:00-18:00 (WE&PH)
During Long Vacation:
09:00-17:00 (WD)
For more details,
see the library website
CEGLOC SatelliteCA403421108:00-18:30(WD)CEGLOC
West AreaMedical Satellite4A40226106:00 - 23:00 (WD)
4B21262 2
1School of Medicine,
Medical Sciences
Medical Library SatelliteOutside Library42* 2
08:30-22:00 (WD)
09:00-22:00 (WE&PH)
During Long Vacation:
09:00-20:00 (WD)
For more details,
see the library website
Inside the library4
Kasuga AreaKasuga Satellite7C101 2
8:00-18:00College of Knowledge and Library Sciences
Kasuga Area7C102 (Lab I)76108:00-22:00
7C103 (Lab II)2808:00-18:00(WD)
7C202 (Lab III)711108:00-22:00College of Media Arts, Science and Technology
Library on Library and Information Science1F Reading room22*109:00-22:00 (WD)
10:00-18:00 (WE&PH)
During Long Vacation:
09:00-17:00 (WD)
2F Reading room5
Tokyo AreaTokyo SatelliteBunkyo 4F454201100:00 - 24:00Master's Program in Systems Management,
Advanced Studies of Business Law,
Law School Program,
MBA Program in International Business
Otsuka Library SatelliteBunkyo B1F11* 2

For printers, the number in parentheses is the number of color printers. Unless otherwise indicated, printers are monochrome printers.

T: number of terminals
P: number of printers
S: number of scanners

(*1)Operated by College of Policy and Planning Sciences, so it cannot be used by other users.
(*2)Operated by CEGLOC, so they cannot be used by other users, so they cannot be used by other users.