When using a headphone or an earphone

Please refer to the following points if you want to connect a headphone or an earphone to a terminal in a satellite computer room.

Location of the headphone output socket

The headphone output socket is located on the front panel of the PC.
Realtek Audio

Sound on/off, volume (Windows)

To set sound on/off or volume, click on the speaker icon in the notification area of the taskbar.

Which device

Click on the speaker icon at the left side of the volume knob to toggle sound on/off.

To adjust volume, click on the volume knob and drag the mouse to move it left or right. Once you release the mouse button, the system will sound, so you can use the system sound as a guide of the volume while setting. First set it to a small volume (left end) and gradually increase it, so that it is gentle to your ear and not annoying to the other people.