To E-Mail Address (Zengaku Computer System) Users Leaving University of Tsukuba

Please be aware that if you leave the University of Tsukuba, you will no longer be able to use your “” from Active!mail or email clients.
If you remain as a member of the university after resignation or retirement, you can continue to use your by submitting an application.
Please review the following information and take necessary steps depending on your situation.

1. If you do not remain as a member of the university after resignation or retirement

By setting up email forwarding, messages sent to your can be received at another email address. This email forwarding is valid for six months after resignation or retirement.
For more information, see the following webpage:
Mail Forwarding Setup (Active! mail)

E-mail Backup
Lifelong E-Mail Service (

2. If you continue to be a member of the university as a professor emeritus or another position after resignation or retirement

To continue to use your, please submit an application after Professor Emeritus Awards Ceremony or after your new employment has started.
For the procedures, email or call 029-853-2452 (Academic Computing & Communications Center Office).