Print Management

Checking print usage status

Each user has an upper limit on the number of printable pages per year. Usage amount and the remaining pages are displayed when logging in to a terminal of the Zengaku Computer System, and can also be confirmed by the following ways.

  • On Web browser
    You can check print usage status by logging in to PaperCut MF.
    Please log in with your user ID (ユーザ名) and password (パスワード) of the Zengaku Computer System.
  • On Windows of a terminal
    1. Click the up arrow in the Notification Area at the bottom right of the desktop and click the green P mark (PaperCut MF icon).
      PaperCut icon
    2. Then a window will appear that displays the remaining pages. To check more detailed usage status, please click “details (詳細)”.
      PaperCut window

Yearly print quota

Zengaku Computer System has a limit of 1,200 pages per year. However, at the request of the individual schools and departments, each organization has adopted an annual print limit listed below. The number of prints will be reset on 31st March.

Your individual settings can also be seen in the message displayed when you log into a terminal of the Zengaku Computer System.

Increasing the yearly print quota

The costs of print quota increase are born by each college/department. The print quota can be adjusted only if the head of college/department gives a special approval (subject to request submitted by college head or college satellite administrator).

Please receive the permission from the head of college, explaining why you exceeded your quota, or why the quota increase is needed. Due to several days needed to complete the change, please apply as soon as possible.