Mail Forwarding Setup (Active! mail)

This page explains how to forward emails which will be sent to your @u address (, to the other email address.

Please activate mail forwarding from “Active! mail” forwarding setup screen.

After activation, please confirm that the forwarding settings are correct (e.g. by sending a test e-mail).


  • For students enrolled in or after FY 2017, every email sent to the @u address will be automatically transferred to the @s address and the students are not able to change the forwarding destination (it will be invalid even if the students make the settings on this page).
  • Please be careful not to create a loop on the forwarding route. Especially, those who set up forwarding @s address → @u address should never set to forward @u address → @s address.
  • The size of your mailbox that can be stored on the server with @u address is limitted. If you check “Leave the forwarded message on the server” below, please occasionally check the usage, delete unnecessary emails, backup the necessary emails before deleting, etc. Please be careful to fit within the capacity limit. (Mailbox usage will be displayed in the middle part of the first screen that appears after logging in to Active! mail.)

How to activate mail forwarding

    Input your User ID and Password, then click [Log In].

  • User ID: “s” + last 7 digits of your Student ID Number (or your ID of the form family.given.xx)
  • Password: Password for the Unified Authentication System
  • Language: You can switch the language preference.

Click the [Tools] tab on the top of the screen, and click [Forwarding] from the pulldown menu.

Click [Customize].

Enter a setting name (whatever you want) in [Title], select [On] and [Forward All Messages] (*1)
(*1 If you want to forward specific e-mail only, select [Match ALL criteria] or [Match ANY condition] in “Conditions” and enter filtering conditions.)
Select [Forward to the following addresses] from the pulldown menu in “Forwarding”, and enter the e-mail address to which you want to forward.
Click [OK].

Confirm whether the forwarding setting you created is displayed in the list.
In addition, send a test e-mail to your Zengaku Computing System e-mail address and confirm whether the forwarding setting is working properly.