Temporary Bulk Storage

Temporary Bulk Storage

The capacity of user’s home directory of the Zengaku Computer System is limited(see Disk Usage/Extension).

But on the other hand, temporary bulk storage (about 100GB) is also available for users.

Files in the storage are deleted at 5:00 AM every morning, except for those that are not older than 24 hours from the time created.


From Windows, mount it as follows.

  1. Right-Click on [Start] → Click on [Run] and input “cmd” in the appeared window.
  2. Type as follows:
    Z:\> net use P: \\sv-pool01\vol_pool01\pool /yes [ENTER]
  3. Launch the Explorer and select “This PC” in the left column. Then you will find it as the P: drive in the “Network locations”.
    P: drive


It is already mounted on /pool.