E-mails of Zengaku Computer System

Please use Webmail if you experience any trouble after the mail system migration.

Frequently asked questions about mail system migration are summarized here. Please read it before contacting us.

Students’ emails depend on entrance year. Please read the following carefully.

Web mailer

  • Microsoft 365 (Students: @s address)
  • Active! mail (Students who were enrolled in or before FY 2016 and Faculty: @u address)

Student’s e-mail address

From the 2023 academic year, the email address for students on the Zengaku Computer System will be for the @u.tsukuba.ac.jp domain.

s + the last seven digits of the student ID number @u.tsukuba.ac.jp

Students who were enrolled in the school in or before FY 202022 can use both the present @s and new @u addresses. For more details, see the following notes.

@s addresses and @u addresses

  • @u address: Log in with the password you use to sign in to Microsoft 365.
  • @s address: You cannot use Unified Authentication System to log in.
    Please log in to the following site using Unified Authentication and set a new password to read and write @s e-mails.
    https://m365setting.u.tsukuba.ac.jp (accessible only on campus)
    • Account Name: Enter the part before @s.tsukuba.ac.jp. Not e-mail address.
    • Domain: Select @s.tsukuba.ac.jp
    • Password: Enter the password used for Unified Authentication System.

Students who are enrolled in or after FY 2023

  • If you are a Credited Auditors, etc. and YY in sYYnnnnn is 16 or less, please refer to “Students who were enrolled in or before FY 2016”.
  • Your email address is an @s address, as shown above.
  • Credited Auditors who enrolled before FY2022 and are continuing and are already using Microsoft 365 (M365) can send and receive emails on M365.
  • Credited Auditors who are not continuing from the previous year and have received the initial password notification for Unified Authentication System, please follow the next.
  • The password for the Unified Authentication System distributed at the time of admission has an expiration date. Since this is your initial password, please change your password as soon as possible.
  • After that, please log in to the following sites using Unified Authentication System and set a new password to use Microsoft 365 services, including email.
  • https://m365setting.u.tsukuba.ac.jp (accessible only on campus)

→ To use emails please refer to this page first.

Students who were enrolled in or before FY 2022

  • Your email address will basically be the @u address above. Notices from the university will be sent to @u.
  • You can use your present @u and @s addresses separately. Make sure to establish an environment where you can receive all the emails sent to either the @u or @s address according to your convenience.
  • @u ando @s address is used through Microsoft 365 cloud mail service.
  • Students enrolled in our university can install Microsoft Office on personal devices at no additional cost and use Microsoft 365 cloud services, thanks to the Microsoft EES privilege.
  • Please note that the services available are different when signing in to Microsoft 365 with an @s address versus signing in to Microsoft 365 with an @u address. In particular, you will need to sign out and then sign back in with your @u address in order to set up your @u address in Microsoft 365 when you are signed in with your @s address. If you find this inconvenient, use the private mode of your browser, or use the client software only for @s addresses, and use the browser for @u addresses (e.g., for the cloud service of M365).

→ To use emails please refer to this page first.

Graduating Students

Graduating students will be able to use their current @u email address after graduation.


Faculty @u addresses are also Microsoft 365. Please note that the settings for reading email will change. → How to use.