How to use e-mails (Faculty)

This page is being updated and may be revised
The following information will be reflected after 18:00 on March 5, 2023.
Please use Webmail if you experience any trouble after the mail system migration.

Faculty and staff @u addresses will be migrated from Active! mail to Microsoft 365.

How to use emails

Changing/Resetting Your Password

If you want to set a password, please see below.
Changing/Resetting Your Password

Web mail

To use Web mailer, please follow the link below:

User ID and password:

  • Username: @u address (
  • Password: Your password when using Microsoft 365.
    If you have never used M365 before, set your password at the following URL:

Web mailer can be used from any device if the browser works, which is very useful. However, depending on each person, the user interface and operation (keyboard shortcut etc.) may not fit. If you want to use from other familiar email software or other web mailer (Gmail etc.), please refer to “Other email clients” below.

Other email clients

Please refer to the following when reading / writing email from email software such as Outlook or Thunderbird or other web mailer (Gmail etc.):

Check mailbox usage and backup

Mail Filtering by the Mail Server

  • All e-mails sent and received in Microsoft 365 Mail (@u and @s mail addresses) are scanned by the mail server of Microsoft 365 for phishing and malware e-mails.
  • E-mails that are determined to be those e-mails will be filtered and will not reach the recipients.
  • Neither the sender nor the destination user is notified that it has been filtered.
  • The filtered e-mail is discarded and cannot be resent unless the sender user has saved it separately.
    Even the site administrator cannot change the filtering status and settings.