Change the Email System

The Zengaku Computer System will be updated at the end of the FY 2022.

Along with this, there is a change in the email system.
Details will be announced around February 2023.
We will inform you of a brief outline of the plan at this moment.

For faculty and staff (including professor emeritus) using address

The mail system will be migrated to the M365 (Microsoft) environment.
The mailboxes will be migrated by the Academic Computing and Communications Center.
If you are using webmail (Active! mail), Active! mail will no longer be available.
Microsoft webmail will be provided.
If you are using email software (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.), you will need to change your settings.
The ID and password will be the same as for Microsoft Teams.

For students (enrolled in or before FY 2016) using address

The procedure is the same as “Faculty and staff (including professor emeritus) using”.

For students (enrolled in or after FY 2017) using address

After the system is updated, the email address of a student will be @u. The currently using @s address will continue to work.
(Only @u will be available for students enrolling after FY 2023) After the system is updated, announcements from the university will be delivered to @u.
@s and @u are completely different systems.