I want to use an optical drive.

There is no optical drive in terminals of the Zengaku Computer System.

When using an optical drive in a lesson etc., in a satellite room please use the optical drive of the lecturer’s terminal.

In a library please use the optical drive of the terminal with the following numbers:
• Central Library – LC2CR-P081
• Medical Library – LM1PR-P131
• Art and Physical Education Library – LA2AV-P001
• Library on Library and Information Science – LI1PR-P001
• Otsuka Library – LOBRR-P161

If you want to use an optical drive on a terminal other than the above, please prepare an external drive with USB by yourself.

In addition, AutoPlay is disabled for security reasons. On Windows, launch the Explorer, select “This PC” (or “PC”) in the left menu, and check the “Devices and drives (デバイスとドライブ)” section.