A journey into the world
that expands between
sleep and wakefulness

About us


We are conducting research using mice as a model organism to clarify the mechanism and function of sleep. Humans spend one third of their lives asleep. While we are asleep, we cannot protect ourselves from outside dangers. We can't study for tests. So why do we need such seemingly unproductive sleep that seems detrimental to our survival? Why do we need to let go of our consciousness on a regular basis? Our goal is to uncover the answer to this fundamental question: why do we sleep?



February 2024 Ayako Imamura was selected for the Japan Neuroscience Society's FENS Forum 2024 Participation Support Travel Award. Congrats!
October 2023 The textbook "Raman Spectroscopy in Human Health and Biomedicine", in which Yusuke Murakami and Honjoh are co-authors, has been published.
April 2023  Ayako Imamura and Yusuke Murakami have been selected as Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Fellows DC1. Congratulations!
October 2022 Yusuke Murakami was awarded as a graduate school scholarship student by the Nakatani Foundation. congrats!

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Why don't you join us and try to solve the mysteries of consciousness and sleep?
We are looking for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in Honjoh Laboratory.
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