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Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP) Research with High-Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions

CiRfSE , HoU core , Physics , Pure & Applied Science , Tsukuba Univ.

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A new state of matter "Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP)" at extreme conditions; high temperature and high density is experimentally studied at Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) and Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at European Organization for Nuclear Study (CERN). Utilizing the unique particle identification and triggering capabilities of PHENIX and STAR experiment at BNL-RHIC and ALICE experiment at CERN-LHC, various collective properties of QGP as well as partonic interactions inside QGP and their interplay are investigated.

TCHoU Sterring Committee Meeting, TCHoU Workshop, 2021/03/29-30 program
[29/Mar/2021 (Mon) 10:00-12:30 : Workshop for the Division of Photon and Particle Detectors]
10:20-10:40 Norbert NOVITZKY : FoCal upgrade overview at LHC-ALICE
10:40-11:00 Sarah NAIMI : Development of a large-area position-sensitive detector for the Rare-RI Ring at Riken

[29/Mar/2021 (Mon) 14:00-16:30 : Steering Committee meeting]
15:00-15:15 ShinIchi Esumi, Activity report for the Div. Quark Nuclear Matters, slide

[30/Mar/2021 (Tue) 9:30-17:30 : Workshop for the Division of Quark Nuclear Matters]
GroupPhoto1(noon) , GroupPhoto2(afternoon) , GroupPhoto3(evening)
9:30(20) Toshihiro Nonaka : Exploring the QCD phase diagram with higher-order fluctuations
9:50(20) Risa Nishitani: Measurements of Net-Proton Fluctuations for p+p Collisions at 200 GeV from the STAR experiment, slide
10:10(20) Takafumi Niida: Polarization and chiral magnetic measurements
10:30(20) Kosuke Okubo : Global polarization measurements at 3, 7 and 54GeV Au+Aucollisions at RHIC, slide
11:10(20) Takahito Todoroki : Small system flow measurements
11:30(20) Ashutosh K. Pandey : HBT measurements w.r.t. Psi1
11:50(20) Moe Isshiki: Measurements of Lambda-Lambda and Xi-Xi Correlation Functions in Au+Auat 200GeV, slide

13:20(20) Shingo Sakai : Heavy-flavor measurements at LHC, slide
13:40(20) Shunya Chiba : Heavy-flavor electrons
14:00(20) Momo Eshita: Heavy-flavor jets
14:20(20) Park Hanseo: pi0/eta in jet at 13 TeV pp collisions at LHC-ALICE experiment

15:00(20) Motoi Inaba (Tsukuba Tech) : FoCalfinal prototype production and plan
15:20(20) Yuji Goto(RIKEN) : FoCal, RHICf-II and EIC
16:00(20) Olivier Bourrion(LPSC Grenoble) : FoCal-E pad readout, slide
16:20(20) Thomas Peitzmann(Utrecht, Nikhef) : FoCal-E pixel

TCHoU Research Member Meeting and Activity and Achievement Reports, 2020/11/30
09:55-10:25, Yoshinobu Kuramashi, Chiral phase transition in cold and dense Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model with tensor renormalization group
11:40-12:10, Takafumi Niida, Vorticity and polarization in heavy-ion collisions
15:45-16:15, Kimikazu Sasa, Research of cosmic ray events using cosmogenic nuclide analysis

TCHoU Research Member Meeting and Activity and Achievement Reports, 2020/06/15
10:00-10:30 Toshihiro Nonaka, Beam energy scan and critical point
14:00-14:30 Kazuyuki Kanaya, Thermodynamics of QGP via gradient flow method
15:45-16:15 Michiharu Wada (KEK), Origin of heavy elements and superheavy elements

TCHoU Sterring Committee Meeting, 2020/03/24
14:00-14:15, S. Esumi, Activity report for the Div. Quark Nuclear Matters

STAR analysis meeting/discussion at Tsukuba/Japan, 2020/01/20-21
10:00-11:00 (50+10) HoU seminar : BES2 physics and future, Nu Xu
11:15-11:45 (25+5) Status of BES2 analysis, Ashish Pandev
11:45-12:05 (15+5) Fluctuation/flow studies, Risa Nishitani
12:05-12:25 (15+5) Fluctuation/unfolding, Kana Nakagawa
14:00-14:30 (25+5) Status of c4 long paper, Xiaofeng Luo
14:30-15:00 (25+5) Status of c6 paper, Toshihiro Nonaka
15:00-15:30 (25+5) Strategy of BES1+2 physics, Bedangadas Mohanty
16:00-16:30 (25+5) Fluctuation with EPD centrality, Yuri Sato
16:30-17:00 (25+5) Fast offline analysis of 14.5 and 19.6 GeV, Yu Zhang
17:00-17:30 (25+5) Centrality selection effect and FXT plan, Arghya Chatterjee

[2nd day : 2020/01/21]
14:00-14:20 (15+5) Global polarization, Kosuke Okubo
14:20-14:40 (15+5) HBT plan at BES2, Ashutosh Kumar Pandey
14:40-15:00 (15+5) FXT/COLL studies, Mina Hatakeyama
15:30-15:50 (15+5) Centrality studies, Ryoma Nakazato
15:50-16:10 (15+5) HBT studies, Moe Isshiki
16:10-16:30 (15+5) Flow studies, Yukiko Hoshi
16:30-16:50 (15+5) Fluctuation/temperature, ShinIchi Esumi

TCHoU Research Member Meeting and Activity and Achievement Reports, 2019/11/21
14:00-14:30 Y. Kuramashi, Application of the tensor-network method to particle physics
14:50-15:20 Y. Yamaguchi (RIKEN), Heavy-ion storage ring at RIBF

TCHoU Research Member Meeting and Activity and Achievement Reports, 2019/06/03 program
15:30-16:00 T. Chujo, Status of the ALICE experiment and upgrade of the Focal project
16:05-16:35 S. Nishimura (RIKEN), Study of nucleosynthesis at RIBF

International Workshop on Forward Physics and Forward Calorimeter Upgrade in ALICE, 2019/03/07-09 program

TCHoU Sterring Committee Meeting and TCHoU Workshop, 2019/02/04-05 program
Parallel session for Div. of Quark Nuclear Matters : 2019/02/04 (Mon) 13:00-18:00
13:00 Jet-hadron in PbPb at ALICE (Ritsuya Hosokawa)
13:20 Di-hadron in AuAu at STAR (Ryo Aoyama)
13:40 Di-hadron in dAu at STAR (Kazuya Nakagawa)
14:00 Fluctuation at STAR-BES (Tetsuro Sugiura)
14:20 beta-gamma spectroscopy of neutron-rich nucleus 195_Os at KISS (Murad Ahmed)

15:00 Mass measurements in CSRe IMP (Shinji Suzuki, IMP, China)
15:20 Heavy-Flavor physics at RHIC/LHC (Shingo Sakai)
15:40 Heavy-Flavor e in pp at ALICE (Toma Suzuki)
16:00 Heavy-Flavor e/jet in pp and pPbat ALICE (Daichi Kawana)
16:20 Directed flow at STAR-FXT (Hiroki Kato)
16:40 Geometry via HBT at STAR (Yota Kawamura)

Parallel joint session for Div. of Photon and Particle Detectors : 2019/02/05 (Tue) 09:30-11:30
10:50-11:10 ALICE Focal Project (Norbert Novitzky)
Sterring Committee Meeting : 2019/02/05 (Tue) 13:00-17:45
Report on dvision of Quark Nuclear Matters [Esumi]

TCHoU Research Member Meeting and Activity and Achievement Reports, 2018/11/22
10:00- (25) ShinIchi Esumi "Search for QCD critical point with beam energy scan"
16:00- (25) Momo Mukai "Nucleosynthesis at RIBF"

Satellite meetings after TGSW2018, 2018/09/22-23
[22/Sept (Sat) "ALICE and future upgrade"]
9:00- Rachid Guernane, Tatsuya Chujo - ALICE and future plan
11:00- Ritsuya Hosokawa - ALICE analysis, Jet-hadron correlation
13:30- joint lunch meeting

[23/Sept (Sun) "Future program toward high-density"
9:00-9:30 : Nu Xu - CEE and CBM project
9:40-10:00 : Hiroyuki Sako - J-PARC heavy-ion program and related physics
10:30-11:00 : Issac Upsal - Event Plane Detector and BES/BES2 program in STAR

[23/Sept afternoon "STAR analysis and beam energy scan program"
13:30-13:50 : Tetsuro Sugiura - Net-charge fluctuation
14:00-14:20 : Ryo Aoyama - Jet-flow correlation
14:30-14:50 : Kazuya Nakagawa - Correlation in dAu
15:30-15:50 : Yota Kawamura - HBT in CuAu
16:00-16:20 : Hiroki Kato - Flow with fixed target
16:30-16:50 : ShinIchi Esumi - unfolding for num.-temp. fluctuation, EPD with N.N.

TGSW2018 : the 5th International Workshop on "Universe Evolution and Matter Origin" 2018/09/21 agenda
invited speakers in Quark-Nuclear Matter Divisions are :
Isaac Upsal (BNL/Shandong Unive.) "Global Hyperon Polarization in Heavy-Ion Collisions at RHIC-STAR"
Rachid Guernane (LPSC Grenoble) "Recent results from ALICE"
Mariane Magin-Brinet (LPSC Grenoble) "Lattice QCD and nucleon physics : selected excerpts"
Hiroari Miyatake (KEK) "RNB project on the astrophysical element synthesis"

TCHoU Research Member Meeting and Activity and Achievement Reports, 2018/06/04 agenda
17:00-17:25 : QGP project (Miake)
17:25-17:50 : Presision measurement of unstable nuclei by storage ring towards nucleogenesis (Yamaguchi)

Inaugural Symposium of the Tomonaga Center for the History of the Universe, 2018/03/26-27 agenda
invited spekers in Quark-Nuclear Matter Divisions are :
Nu Xu (LBNL, USA / Central China Normal University, China) Search for the QCD Critical Point in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions
Shunji Nishimura (RIKEN, Japan) Origin of Heavy Elements in the Universe: r-Process Nucleosynthesis

TCHoU workshop parallel program for Quark-Nuclear-Matter group, 2018/03/27 agenda
9:00 Higher order fluctuation analysis in BES, Toshihiro Nonaka (D3)
9:15 Freeze-out shape and expansion with HBT, Naoto Tanaka (D3)
9:30 Beta-gamma spectroscopy in KISS, M. Ahmed (D2)
9:45 Jet quenching in 5TeV PbPb, Hiroki Yokoyama (D3)

10:30 Jet medium interaction at LHC, Ritsuya Hosokawa (D3)
10:45 Mass measurements by MR-TOF for rp-process, S. Kimura (Riken)
11:00 Multi-particle correlation with reaction plane, Ryo Aoyama (D2)
11:15 Mass measurements in Rare-RI Ring, S. Ohmika (D2, Saitama U.)

13:00 detector session (elementary-particle, quark-nuclear, cosmology common program)
- Focal project in ALICE, Yota Kawamura / Toma Suzuki (M1)
- MRPC R/D for future TOF detector, Taichi Ichisawa / Hiroki Kato (M1)
- Development of TOF detector for Rare-RI Ring, D. Kamioka (M1)

15:30 Schottky detector in Rare-RI Ring, F. Suzaki (Riken)
15:45 Net-charge fluctuation at RHIC, Tetsuro Sugiura (D2)
16:00 Beta-ray detectors in KISS, M. Mukai (D3)
16:15 Flow and correlation in small system, Kazuya Nakagawa (M1)
16:30 Heavy flavor in pA collisions at LHC, Daichi Kawana (M1)

Kick-off symposium of Quark Gluon Plasma Research Unit, 2018/03/07-08 program
The University of Tsukuba and the Utrecht University agreed to implement the Research Unit Invitation Program of the Campus-in-Campus (CiS) Initiative on the research of the Quark-Gluon-Plasma.

TCHoU 1st Steering Committee Meeting, 2018/02/06 program
15:20-15:40 : Division of Quark Nuclear Matters (S. Esumi)

Mini-workshop : QGP/CEP research with Fluctuation, 2017/12/11-12 program
[11 Dec (Mon) @ Institutes of Human Sciences Building B, Room B108]
10:00-10:30 : Nu Xu (LBNL, CCNU, STAR) "Recent results from RHIC BES-I"
10:45-11:15 : Marek Gazdzicki (Frankfurt Univ., Jan Kochanowski Univ., NA61/Shine) "Study of onset of deconfinement and search for critical point by NA61/SHINE at CERN SPS"
11:30-12:00 : Melanie Szala (GSI, Frankfurt Univ., HADES experiment) "Fluctuation analysis in HADES experiment at GSI"
12:15-12:45 : Aleksandra Snoch (Frankfurt Univ., NA61/Shine) "Charming future of NA61/SHINE"
14:30-15:00 : Masakiyo Kitazawa (Osaka Univ.) "On the efficiency correction for non-binomial efficiency loss"
15:00-17:00 : Group discussion on fluctuation analysis at STAR, HADES, NA61

[12 Dec (Tue) @ Building 1F, Room 1F201]
09:00-09:15 : flow correlation in d-Au (Kazuya Nakagawa)
09:30-09:45 : 2-part correlation in 200GeV Au+Au (Ryo Aoyama)
10:00-12:00 : Group discussion

3rd CiRfSE workshop 2017/Jan/23-24(Mon-Tue), Univ. of Tsukuba

24(mor.) ShinIchi Esumi (Tsukuba), Summary of Quark-Nuclear Matter Division slide
24(aft.) Workshop on Quark-Nuclear Matter
13:00-13:25 Sanshiro Mizuno (CiRfSE), Prompt identified particle spectra at RHIC-STAR slide
13:25-13:50 Toshihiro Nonaka (Tsukuba), Fluctuations at RHIC-STAR
13:50-14:15 Hiroshi Nakagomi (Tsukuba), Azimuthal anisotropy in CuAu collisions at RHIC-PHENIX slide
14:15-14:40 Naoto Tanaka (Tsukuba), Azimuthally sensitive HBT measurements at LHC-ALICE
14:40-15:05 Kazuki Sato (Tsukuba), MRPC-TOF development for future experiments slide

15:30-15:55 Tatsuya Chujo (CiRfSE), LHC-ALICE Fo-cal project and test beam results slide
15:55-16:20 Ryo Aoyama (Tsukuba), multi-particle correlations at RHIC-STAR
16:20-16:45 JooNIL Lee (Tsukuba), Jet-hadron correlations at LHC-ALICE
16:45-17:10 Ritsuya Hosokawa (Tsukuba), Jet measurements at LHC-ALICE slide
17:10-17:35 Shingo Sakai (Tsukuba), Heavy flavor measurements at LHC-ALICE slide

2nd CiRfSE workshop 2016/Jan/18-19(Mon-Tue), Univ. of Tsukuba

19(mor.) ShinIchi Esumi (Tsukuba), Summary of Quark-Nuclear Matter Division slide
19(aft.) Workshop on Quark-Nuclear Matter
13:30-14:30 Xiaofeng Luo (CCNU), Search for experimental signatures of critical point with beam energy scan at STAR slide
15:00-16:00 Masakiyo Kitazawa (Osaka U.), Non-Gaussian fluctuations in relativistic heavy ion collisions slide
16:30-17:00 Toshihiro Nonaka (U. Tsukuba), Higher order cumulant of net-proton distribution
17:00-17:30 Tetsuro Sugiura (U. Tsukuba), Rapidity dependence of net-charge distribution

1st CiRfSE workshop 2015/Mar/12-13(Thu-Fri), Univ. of Tsukuba

Recent results on QGP researches at high-temperature and high-density from RHIC and LHC experiments are reported especially about collective phenomena of QGP as well as partonic energy loss inside QGP with hard probes such as jets and photons. Future experimental plans at LHC and RHIC, the beam energy scan program at RHIC and lower energy nuclear collisions at J-parc and Fair are discussed in order to investigate towards the both directions in the quark-hadron QCD-phase diagram, one at higher-temperature QGP state and another at higher-density QGP state and to search for the critical point. Experimental collaboration efforts and issues among universities and institutions are also discussed.

12(aft.) Yasuyuki Akiba, Riken, "RHIC-PHENIX experiment and future plans", slide(pptx)
12(aft.) Toru Sugitate, Hiroshima Univ., "LHC-ALICE experiment and photon measurements", slide(pdf)
13(mor.) ShinIchi Esumi, Univ. of Tsukuba, "Div. of Quark-Nuclear Matter at CiRfSE", slide(pdf)
13(mor.) Oliver Busch, Univ. of Tsukuba, "LHC-ALICE experiment and Jet physics", slide(ppt)
13(aft.) Kyoichiro Ozawa, KEK, "Low-mass di-lepton measurments at J-parc E16", slide(pptx)
13(aft.) Sanshiro Mizuno, Univ. of Tsukuba, "Direct photon in PHENIX"
13(aft.) Hiroki Yamamoto, Univ. of Tsukuba, "dAu and pPb flow analysis"
13(aft.) Jihyun Bhom, Univ. of Tsukuba, "pp correlations in ALICE"
13(aft.) Daisuke Watanabe, Univ. of Tsukuba, "pi0-jet analysis in ALICE"
13(aft.) Naoto Tanaka, Univ. of Tsukuba, "HBT with Jet analysis in ALICE"
13(aft.) JoonIL Lee, Univ. of Tsukuba, "Correlation measurements at RHIC/LHC"
13(aft.) Tetsuro Sugiura, Univ. of Tsukuba, "Fluctuation measurements in STAR"

High Energy Nuclear Experimental Group,
Inst. of Physics, Grad. School of Pure and Applied Science, Univ. of Tsukuba