Changes in @s mail

@s mail authentication system will change

Setting up forwarding from @s to @u is not recommended.
If you do set it up, be sure to set only one of them. Setting up forwarding in both and creating loops in the forwarding path can cause trouble for the mail system..

The Webmail sign-in page will change
The password reset setting page will appear when you log in for the first time.
For more information, please see Microsoft 365 User Manual, p. 19.

Change the Password

After 01:00 on February 27, 2023, the password will be changed from the Unified Authentication System to the one unique to the @s mail system’s password.

After 03:00 Feb. 27, please access the following URL to set your password.

Account Name: Enter the part before Not e-mail address.
Domain: Select
Password: Enter the password used for Unified Authentication System.

The above User Manual is here.

This page can only be accessed from within the campus.
If necessary, please use the VPN service of the Academic Computing and Communications Center or the remote desktop service of the Zengaku Computer System.
The VPN service has a limited number of simultaneous connections, so please disconnect immediately after use.

Security enhancements

Multi-factor authentication can now be set up on
For enhanced security, we strongly recommend setting up multi-factor authentication.

To set it up, simply turn the multi-factor authentication function ‘on’ (or ‘off’) on

For more information on multi-factor authentication, sign in to the M365 website above to set it up once you have turned it ‘on’.

For more information on setting up multi-factor authentication with Microsoft 365, please see Microsoft 365 User Manual, p. 167.

Migration to the mail system (hereafter, only @u will be used)

As already informed, students will use @u email. Official announcements from the University will be sent to @u

The currently using @s address will continue to work. @u and @s are completely different systems.

The @u mail password is the same one you have been using for Microsoft Teams and other applications.

The @u mail system can be used after March 5, 2023.  
Details will be announced in a separate mail.


There is no change to the fact that @s email will no longer be available after graduation.
If necessary, please set up forwarding upon graduation.