About the System after the Replacement

The Zengaku Computer System was replaced on March 19, 2017. Please note the following points before using.

OS of terminals

OSes of terminals become new.

  • Windows becomes Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB from previous Windows 7.
  • Linux becomes Ubuntu 16.04 (x64) from previous Ubuntu 12.04.

To change the language environment on Windows, see Environment Setup.

Software to launch when you double click on a file (default apps)

Software to launch when you double click on a file (default apps) may have changed from previous ones. To change default apps, refer this page. (We will not change systematically, so please change the settings on your own.)

Users’ old data

When you log in (log on), your files may seem to be missing, but they have been evacuated to another place. They will be stored there for about a year. Refering the following, copy necessary files from the evacuation place to the new environment as you like.

As exceptions, you will not need to copy the following data because they already shifted to the new environment by the replacement work.

  • Files for Web pages (in www, wwws)
    (For details on how to access the files, please see this page.)
  • .ssh (Directory for public key authentication)

Note that files with names starting with “.” (Dot) are configuration files, so basically do not copy them to the environment of the new system. If you copy the configuration files for the previous system to the environment of the new system, problems may occur. If you really want to copy, please do it at your own risk.

  • How to copy (on Windows)
    1. Launch the Explorer, select “This PC” (or “PC”) in the left menu, and open O: drive in the “Network locations (ネットワークの場所)”. In the O: drive you will find your files saved in the previous system.
    2. Your home folder in the new system is the Z: drive in the “Network locations (ネットワークの場所)”.
    3. Copy necessary files in the O: drive into Z: drive.
      O and Z drives
  • How to copy (on Linux)
    1. Your files saved in the previous system will be in /oldhome/Username/.
    2. Copy necessary files in /oldhome/Username/ into your home directory (/home/Username/). The following procedures are examples ($ is the prompt).
      • Copying one file (e.g. memo.txt):
        $ cp -p /oldhome/Username/memo.txt ~/
      • Copyin a whole directory (e.g. dir0):
        $ cp -pr /oldhome/Username/dir0 ~/

E-mail addresses

From fiscal year 2017 onward, students’ email addresses in the Zengaku Computer System will be changed from the @u addresses (s + the last seven digits of the student ID number @u.tsukuba.ac.jp) to new @s addresses:

s + the last seven digits of the student ID number @s.tsukuba.ac.jp

Students who were enrolled in the school in or before FY 2016 can use both the present @u and new @s addresses. For more details, see this page.

Publishing web pages

On Windows of a terminal or remote desktop, the location of www folder and wwws folder is changed from Z: drive to W: drive. For details, see this page.

Remote desktop

  • The server for Windows desktop to which users connect was divided into students’ and teachers’, and the host name was also changed as follows.
    • For students: remote-s.u.tsukuba.ac.jp
    • For teachers: remote-t.u.tsukuba.ac.jp
  • In addition to the current ways of connecting to the Windows desktop, you can use the method of connecting on the web browser.
  • OS of the Windows desktop: Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • OS of the Linux desktop: Ubuntu 16.04 (x64).

For more details, see this page.


  • In the previous system there were two types of printers, monochrome (black and white) and color, but in the new system there are only color printers that can print both (monochrome and color) by setting. Please be careful as it may become unintentionally color printing (which is counted as five times as monochrome printing) unless you consciously change the setting.
  • The rough procedure of printing is not much different from that of the previous system, but detailed parts such as on-demand terminals and its operations are changed.

For detailed printing procedure, see this page.

SSH log-in

The Linux server accessible via SSH (see this page for details) is renewed.

When you access the server using SSH, there might be a warning message saying the server key is different from what it was. Please make sure you access the correct server by matching with the fingerprint below, and perform an operation to trust the server. By doing so, you will be able to access the new server.


  • DSA
  • ED25519
  • RSA