About the phenomenon that cannot connect with “Remote Desktop Connection” (recovered)

* About 7:00 pm on June 21, recovery work was done against the following troubles. At present it is possible to connect properly.

Since the morning of May 27 (Sat), 2017, several users have reported on the phenomenon that they get a message “The remote session was disconnected because the Remote Desktop client access license stored on this computer has been modified.” and cannot connect, when connecting with “Remote Desktop Connection” of Windows. For now, this phenomenon has not been reported for other connection methods.* We are currently investigating causes and measures.

(* 6/21 added: In this week, similar phenomenons were also reported about connection with VMware Horizon Client and Microsoft Remote Desktop on MacOS. At present, the method with the highest possibility of connecting without any problem is a connection on a browser (HTML5). Sorry for any inconvenience.)

As informal information, about “Remote Desktop Connection” of Windows, it seems that connection might become possible when you do the measures of this page (FAQ). However, since this is not an official method and includes registry operations, please do it at your own risk after taking a backup of the registry.