Attention: initial state change of roaming profile (local area) save setting

As mentioned in the following announcement in April of this year, the initial state change of the roaming profile (local area) storage setting will be performed for all users of all academic computer systems.

Change to Roaming Profile Save Settings
April 24, 2019.

Currently, the roaming profile (local area) is set to be saved for all users, but the initial status is changed by the planned system maintenance this weekend, and the corresponding profile data will not be saved. As a result, the setting information is not saved for some applications, so it will be restored to the initial state each time you sign in. Please note that point.

The setting is changed at each campus as follows.

Tsukuba Campus: May 18 (Sat)
Tokyo Campus: May 20 (Mon)

Note that this change affects, for example, Google Chrome settings (including bookmarks), Visual Studio Professional settings, FlashDevelop plug-ins, and so on.
In addition, please be aware that settings will not be saved for applications that place data in roaming profiles (local areas).

If you would like to save application data in the same way as before, please apply for changes related to save settings of roaming profile from the following page.

User System” on the Zengaku Computer System website

In addition, when save setting of roaming profile (local area) is enabled, sign-in / sign-out operation with satellite terminal (Windows) will take longer time than when it is disabled.

Academic Computing & Communications Center
Zengaku Computer System Support Personnel