Change to Roaming Profile Save Settings

This article describes the setting which determines whether to give priority to saving each user’s configuration for specific applications or to reducing sign in/out time.

Saving the configuration currently takes precedence. This time we will be changing the setting to shorten the time to sign in/out. However, users can choose to retain their configuration. (For the instructions, see the【Details】below.)

This setting change is scheduled for the following dates:
(It will be applied to all PCs in the satellite computer rooms.)

Tsukuba Campus – Saturday, May 18, 2019
Tokyo Campus – Monday, May 20, 2019

To learn more, see the details below.


On the Zengaku Computer System, the configuration information of the OS and applications is saved on a per-user basis to the server as data called “(roaming) profile.” At the time of sign-in, the profile is sent from the server to the user environment; at the time of sign-out, conversely, it is sent from the user environment to the server.

In the Windows environment of the Zengaku Computer System, profiles are getting so large that it often takes a long time to sign in or to sign out.

This issue has made us decide to change the setting for all users and decrease the data stored as profiles. Specifically, while the data under C:\Users\ (Username)\AppData\Local is currently saved on the server at the time of sign-out and restored at the time of sign-in, it will not be saved on the server after the change has been applied. We expect this will certainly reduce sign in/out time. Be aware that from then on, the configuration of some applications will return to its initial state when you sign in.

NOTE: This change does not affect the Ubuntu (Linux) environment.

If you still want to keep the configuration on the server, apply through the webpage below:

 “User System” on the Zengaku Computer System website

The application can be submitted starting Sunday, April 21, 2019.

Be careful not to do the opposite of what you want:
if you apply, the data under C:\Users\ (Username)\AppData\Local WILL BE SAVED to the server;
if you do not, it WILL NOT.

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