Web print service – Printing out from a private computer using PDF upload

You can print out a PDF from a private computer using a printer of the Zengaku Computer System. But please note that in one of the following cases an error message will appear and you cannot print it:

  • The PDF file is password-protected.
  • The PDF file is prohibited from printing.

The printing procedure is as follows. You can do steps 1 – 6 from anywhere you are connected to the Internet.

  1. Go to the PaperCut MF and log in with your user ID and password of the Zengaku Computer System.
    PaperCut Log-in
    * You can change the display language by selecting the “Language (言語)” pull down menu. The following screens are ones when “English (英語)” is selected.
  2. Click on the “Web Print (Web プリント)” in the left menu and click on the “Submit a Job (ジョブの送信)”.
    PaperCut Web Print
  3. Leave the number of “Copies (部数)” to 1 and click on the “3. Upload Documents (ドキュメントのアップロード)” button on the lower right. You can change the number of copies later (on an ondemand terminal).
    Web Print - Copies
  4. Use the drag & drop or the “Upload from computer (コンピュータからアップロード)” button to set the file to be uploaded. After setting, click on the “Upload & Complete (アップロードと完了)” button on the lower right.
    Web Print - Upload
  5. After waiting for a while, a table like the one shown below will be displayed. If there is no problem in the uploading process, the “Status (ステータス)” column will eventually be “Held in a queue (キューに保留中)”. (Conversely, if something goes wrong, an error message will be displayed in this column.)
    Web Print - Queue
    * The setting of monochrome/color is automatically recognized, and the “Cost (コスト)” is displayed according to it (one color page is counted as five monochrome pages). You can change later the number of copies, color → monochrome, and single-sided → duplex on an on-demand terminal.
  6. After confirming that the “Status (ステータス)” column becomes “Held in a queue (キューに保留中)”, log out from the PaperCut MF by clicking on the “Log Out (ログアウト)” in the left menu.
  7. Just like printing from a terminal in a satellite computer room, operate an on-demand terminal and print.