About removing the OneDrive installer

Using OneDrive on the Zengaku Computer System causes problems such as consuming a large amount of disk space in places other than the user’s home, such as the system area, and causing problems in user profile management. Therefore, on the Zengaku Computer System, please use OneDrive on the web browser instead of the desktop application.

Since the use of the desktop app is deprecated, we will delete the OneDrive installer in the remote desktop environment during the scheduled maintenance on Sunday, November 20 th. After that, please refrain from installing the OneDrive desktop app newly on the terminal or remote desktop.

If you are already using the desktop app, you can continue to use it, but if you are synchronizing a large amount of data, there is a risk that your profile will be damaged. It is recommended to take measures such as reducing the data to be synchronized in the settings screen of the OneDrive desktop app.