Key Points for Mail System Migration

The following is a list of key points regarding mail system migration.


  • SMTP, IMAP, and POP are not available in Outlook, Mac, or iOS email clients. You can read and write email by adding an Exchange account.
  • @u mail on M365 can be used after 18:00 on 3/5(Sun.).
  • It is not recommended to set up mail forwarding on M365.
    A message reminding you of this will also appear when you log in to M365.
    Recently, some mail systems seem to reject forwarded mail. Please set up forwarding at your own risk.

【For students】

【For faculty members】

  • Active! mail will be available until 3/5.
    You can login after 3/5, but you will not receive any new mails.
  • Mail data transfer
    Mail data will be migrated sequentially.
    Depending on the timing of the migration, there may be a delay in receiving the data in the M365 environment.
  • Location of Migrated Data
    After logging into M365, click the Outlook icon on the left side.
    After that, on the left side you will see a folder list with a folder named MigrationFolder. On the left side of this there is a >, click on this to see the subfolders.
  • The mail data migration is being done sequentially, but there may be delays.
  • Please send/receive emails on M365 after 18:00 on 3/5.
    Please note that we may not be able to respond to problems caused by operations before that time.
  • If you have not used M365 before
    You need to set a password to use M365.
     Cloud mail service authentication setting system (Microsoft 365) (from on-campus only)
    If you are off-campus, you can connect by setting up VPN on your smartphone or other devices.
     VPN Service
  • Using Thunderbird
    For Thunderbird, please update Thunderbird to the latest version and try connecting.