Active! mail forwarding settings migration


Mail data migration period: February 6 – March 8, 2023

Deadline to change Active!mail forwarding settings: March 2, 2023

Migration of transfer settings: March 3, 2023 (Migration will be performed by the Academic Computing and Communications Center)

Deadline for restoration of flagged mail data: (tentative) March 31, 2023

Confirmation before updating the Zengaku Computer System (by March 2, 2023)

Subject: Faculty and staff with @u addresses
In migrating Active!mail forwarding settings to Microsoft365 Outlook, there are conditions for forwarding settings that can be migrated. Please refer to the following procedure.
Please refer to P2-P7 for the procedure manual.

If you have not set up forwarding at the @u address in Active! mail and you have set up forwarding in Outlook on Microsoft365, the forwarding settings in Outlook on Microsoft365 will remain in effect.

If you are forwarding your Outlook email on Microsoft365 to your @u address (Readable by Active! mail) via another email address, please eliminate those forwarding settings as it will be a loop setting after the mail system migration.

Confirmation after migration of the Zengaku Computer System

Password setting Note: Only for those who have not yet used Microsoft365

Only those who have never signed up and signed in to Microsoft 365 using @u before will need to set a Microsoft 365 password. To set your password, please use (Published 2/27).

This site can only be accessed from within the University of Tsukuba network. To set up the site from off-campus, you can use one of the following methods

  • Log in to Remote Desktop Service and access the site from a browser.
  • Use the “VPN service” (There is a limit to the number of simultaneous connections, so please use this service only when setting up)
Checking Transfer Settings

Please check your transfer settings after 3/4.
To check, sign in to the M365 site and go to Outlook in the menu on the left side of the screen. (*Note: This cannot be done from Outlook installed on a PC or smartphone.)

Handling of Migrated Mail Data

A folder for mail migration [MigrationFolder] is created on Microsoft 365 Outlook, where Active! mail data is stored.
If you want to check and move your migrated mail data, please see and set up the above instructions.

How to repair flagged mail (deadline: (tentative) Friday, March 31, 2023)

Migration of mail data does not migrate flags, etc. that were set in Active!mail.
If you wish to reapply the flags and other settings in your mail software after the migration, please refer to the following procedure.

Please refer to P8 or later for the procedure manual.