#### Workshop description There is a growing awareness in theoretical linguistic research that in order to obtain deeper insights into the nature of complex linguistic phenomena, a broad perspective is required, both in terms of the overall conceptual frameworks and the specific methodological techniques adopted. This workshop brings together recent research in generative linguistics which aims to ellucidate various linguistic phenomena by adopting multifaceted approaches. One group of talks deal with the issue of linguistic interface in the analysis of ellipsis phenomena (broadly construed), considering ways in which non-syntactic (e.g. semantic, pragmatic, prosodic, and morphological) factors interact with syntactic factors. Another group of talks aim to articulate methodologies for using corpora, especially treebanks, in theoretical linguistic research. We hope that analytical and methodological alternatives represented at this workshop will bring a fresh perspective in linguistic research, stimulating further research in the field. #### Organizers Masaharu Shimada (shimada.masaharu.fu |AT| u.tsukuba.ac.jp) Yusuke Kubota (kubota.yusuke.fn |AT| u.tsukuba.ac.jp) #### Date and location Date: 2018/3/21-22 Room: Central Library Meeting Room (中央図書館 集会室), University of Tsukuba #### Program ##### March 21 9:50-10:00 Opening remarks 10:00-10:40 Masaharu Shimada: *Ellipsis in Hakata Japanese* 10:45-11:25 Masatoshi Honda: *A cartographic approach to rhetorical questions* 11:30-12:10 Shohei Nagata: *VP ellipsis and VP preposing as verum focus phenomena* 12:10-14:00 Lunch Break 14:00-14:40 Hiroyuki Iwasaki: *A diachronic investigation of Swiping* 14:45-15:25 Shuto Yamamura: *A diachronic study of NP-ellipsis in English* 15:30-16:10 Koyo Akuzawa & Dandan Wang: *Finite control in Japanese and Chinese: Its syntactic and semantic properties* 16:15-17:15 Robert Levine: *The great illusion:* wh *extraction from ellipsed VPs* ##### March 22 10:00-10:40 Yusuke Kubota: *Reconsidering the Coordinate Structure Constraint once again: Corpus-based evidence* 10:45-11:25 Misato Ido: *Distribution and licensing of adverbial NPIs beyond clause boundaries in Japanese* 11:30-12:10 Ayaka Suzuki: *Corpus-based investigations of the temporal interpretations of the* toki-*clause* 12:15-13:00 Nobuyoshi Miyoshi: *Functional difference of non-restrictive adnominal clause between expository texts and literary texts* 13:00-13:30 Discussion #### Acknowledgment We gratefully acknowledge the support of JSPS KAKENHI Grant number 15K16732 and the OSU Larger Grant Award for Arts and Humanities to host this event.