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International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine, University of Tsukuba

Satoh/Tokuyama/Abe lab is a unit for human sleep research in the International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine (WPI-IIIS) at the University of Tsukuba. This unit is under the direction of three co-principal investigators: Professor Makoto Satoh, M.D., Ph.D., Professor Kumpei Tokuyama, Ph.D., and Associate Professor Takashi Abe, Ph.D.

Abe group in this lab focus especially on human sleep and sleepiness research in behavioral science, psychophysiology, and neuroscience fields.




Understanding and prevention of human errors due to sleepiness


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Neurology and Psychiatry

In order to achieve the prevention of human errors due to sleepiness/fatigue, we are conducting multidisciplinary research from basic to applied studies using humans as participants. Our current research themes for achieving this are: (1) elucidating the neural mechanism and the factors of vigilance impairment; (2) deployment of a novel method for detecting the impairment of vigilant attention; (3) non-pharmacological methods for preventing sleep loss. We have collaborated with national research institutes and companies to promote scientific findings to apply to society.



Elucidating the psychological function of human sleep


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The functional role of sleep has not been fully understood. We study the psychological function of sleep using behavioral and physiological measures. We found a novel brain potential which occurs before the rapid eye movements during human REM sleep. We named this potential pre-rapid-eye-movement negativity (PRN) (Abe et al., 2004). Current sources of this potential were estimated at the medial prefrontal cortex and amygdala (Abe et al., 2004; 2008). Because these regions regulate emotion, we assume that the PRN reflects emotional processes during human REM sleep. We use this marker to elucidate the psychological function of human REM sleep.


当研究室では,睡眠の心理学的機能を解明することを目的とした研究を行っています。我々は,ヒトのレム睡眠中の急速眼球運動の直前に出現する脳電位を発見し,この電位を急速眼球運動前陰性電位(pre-rapid-eye-movement negativity; PRN) と名付けました(Abe et al., 2004)。この脳電位の発生源を求めたところ,内側前頭前野や扁桃体に推定されました(Abe et al., 2004; 2008)。これらの脳部位は情動調節に関与していることから,PRNはレム睡眠中の情動過程に関与した脳活動であると考えています。この脳電位を指標として,ヒトのレム睡眠の機能を解明することを目指した検討を進めています。

Development of new methods for evaluating sleep


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Neurology and Psychiatry

Polysomnographic recording requires many sensors to collect sleep data, which itself causes difficulty falling asleep and maintaining sleep. We are developing simple and easier methods to measure sleep.



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As a postdoctoral fellow: Please feel free to send us a message to for further information.

As a graduate student: If you have interest in joining our lab as a graduate student, please apply to the University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences Master's Program/Doctoral Program in Kansei, Behavioral, and Brain Sciences.




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